Sometimes even words struggle to describe how beautiful something really is..

A customer wanted us to make a bespoke one of a kind kitchen, and to be made from 100% Authentic Reclaimed and vintage wood dating back over 100 years old!.

Theirs no way! we would use anything less than the very best timbers to craft the furniture you see here on our website, while others use words like (Old wood) (Rustic) (Reclaimed* but from a bunch of pallets given away for free) you cant get the real Reclaimed vintage look without decades of real age and exposure to the elements, its not always affordable and we totally understand why people might go down a cheaper path BUT.. the feel of our products, even the smell and aura they give off is second to none.

Don’t settle for a product made from wood that’s more than likely a few years old at best and made to look old, make sure you always ask the hard questions where ever you buy from.. ask where did the wood come from, how old is the timber, what was the timbers previous life.

Every piece we sell comes with all its original history for you the customer, please check our other posts to see our wood deliveries and information.