Bespoke Kitchen – Collingham part 2

This project just keeps on getting bigger and bigger! we have now completely renovated the lower level of this home, from integrated washing machine and dryer units to water tank covers and storage units. Everything has been custom made to fit around water and oil piping allowing the units to fit snug to the walls. […]

Bespoke Rustic Kitchen: Muskham

We have just completed a kitchen in a local village that was hand built and made to measure.Utilizing old vintage wood we have created a stunning kitchen that looks out of this world! and a real throwback to medieval times.We hand selected our finest wood that was salvaged from a very old building, this way […]

Made right here in the UK!

Everything at Roy Walker Furniture is made right here in the UK, the wood started here and was reclaimed from buildings here, we are very proud of our heritage and promote everything that keeps jobs right here in the UK and local people in work. Buying foreign product has a massively negative impact on our […]

Customer: William

Customer from a local village has just received delivery of this Mega reclaimed wood table! Made to fit 12 chairs and all made from 100% Reclaimed and Salvaged wood. We have applied a clear wax on top so you can really appreciate the grain and all the features that come with 200 year old timbers, […]

Trade Customers

Roy Walker Furniture is the leading manufacturer and supplier of 100% reclaimed rustic wood furniture in the UK, with nearly 50 years trading with other suppliers and stores we have built up a network of stores selling our bespoke products.As a trade supplier you will find we are unmatched in quality craftsmanship and production time. […]

Bespoke kitchen – Collingham part 1

Bespoke kitchen and dining area has just been completed – Everything has been made to the customer’s specification’s, our Reclaimed wood kitchens really do look amazing! and we are so thrilled with how this project has turned out. Multiple kitchen units, Dresser, breakfast bar, desk-table, Beam box – cladding above that was made specially to […]

Wall cladding with rustic reclaimed wood

Our Specialty is everything Reclaimed! We love to find interesting recyclable materials and use them again to create – design – manufacture – unique products. Our aim is to upcycle the old reclaimed wood and materials found all over the UK, by converting them to new products with beautiful rustic and reclaimed details from furniture […]

Bespoke bedroom storage unit

A customer had bumped into our website online and noticed that we made custom bespoke furniture in Reclaimed Rustic wood, the Client needed a chest of drawers that could transform into a computer desk. We had some really good ideas from work we had done in the past so we suggested a retractable internal shelve […]

Reclaimed Wood VS Plank

What you need to know! Our Reclaimed rustic wood is salvaged from many places around the UK, for example just yesterday we contacted our reclamation team to purchase 4 tones of vintage timber that had just been taken down from the roof of a steam engine restoration factory in Guernsey. Our last 2 batches of […]